Applications in packaging lines:

  • Datamatrix + Alphanumeric Serialization of primary or secondary packaging in high-speed lines (400 ppm).
  • Identification of bundles, packs, shipping boxes and pallets with unique serial numbers for establishing parent-child relationship.
  • Integration with existing or new hardware and machinery.
  • The well-known Lixis super-simple, voice-guided operator interfaces yields faster set-up times.
  • Solutions for automated or manual lines.

Hardware solutions for track and trace automation in packaging lines:

Carton serialization:

  • Stand alone equipment for in-line or out-of-line operation.
  • Direct carton printing: Datamatrix, GTIN, Serial Number, Batch, Expiration Date, Manufacture Date.
  • Datamatrix quality grading according to ISO 15415 and OCV/OCR of alphanumeric charaters.
  • Rejection control of non-compliant units.

Aggregation in pack, boxes, and pallet control:

  • Simultaneous or Sequential reading of unit codes within a pack or shipping box.
  • Printing and applying of unique label for bundles.
  • Rejecting or alerting on missing codes or erroneous events.

Software solutions

  • Software solutions to generate new serial numbers and management of serialized lots at Pharmaceutical Laboratories.
  • Parent – child relationship through real time connection with the production line equipment (Level 2) at unit, pack or shipping box, and pallet level.
  • Functionalities specially designed for the industry: samples withdrawal, quarantined lots, interaction with health authorities, etc.
  • Specific development of interfaces to exchange data with commercial ERP or specific customers (Level 3).
  • Application enabling tracking throughout the supply chain: wholesalers, distributors, logistic operators, hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Compliance with FDA 21CFR Part 11: electronic signature by biometric identification and encrypted audit trails.

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