• Compact module for carton serialization for Track & Trace applications. Modular unit which integrates printer and inspection camera on an independent conveyor belt.
  • Suitable for integration online or as manual feeding independent module.
  • SEA Vision PVS unit interacts with the Track & Trace management system, receiving or generating batch information.
  • Suitable to control information commonly printed in secondary packing (cartons): Datamatrix, GTIN, Serial Number, Batch Number, Expiry Date and Manufacture Date.
  • Capable to control the correct printing of variable data, the recognition of characters (OCR) and Datamatrix qualityaccording to ISO 15415, by means of artificial vision.
  • Able to update the validated information in the database of Track & Trace management system: inactive codes, printed, verified, rejected units, other.
  • Compact size, for an easy integration in Laboratories facilities.
  • Quick and easy adjustment of format (different cartons sizes).

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