Contrôle Blister

L’inspection de la production avec notre technologie de visión garantit que 100% des produits sont bien conditionnés, réduisant ainsi les erreurs et les coûts liés au contrôle visuel.

  • Inspection du remplissage des blisters par toute sorte de comprimés ou gélules sur tous types de supports (PVC, aluminium et autres).
  • Recherche simultanée de défauts – Présence, taille, forme, cassé, ébréché, position, remplissage excessif, blíster vide. Défauts consécutifs, objets étrangers et taches. Couleur et surface conformes.

Caractéristiques Techniques:

  • Caméra Industrielle Numérique CCD. Résolution de 640x480 à 1600x1200 selon le modèle de l’équipement, avec des paramètres d’acquisition d’image réglables et enregistrables pour chaque configuration produit. Systèmes couleur et noir et blanc disponibles.
  • Eclairage à LEDs polarisé avec compensation automatique.
  • Réglage de l’intensité des LEDs et éclairage inférieur en option.
  • Protocoles de validation QI / QO / QP.
  • Module de lecture de code barres sur aluminium intégré en option.


  • PC industriel comprenant une sortie Ethernet pour le support à distance.
  • Module central de commande permettant de gérer des capteurs supplémentaires installés sur la machine comme un détecteur de micro-fissures, des cellules de raccords, des lecteurs de code barres, ou autres.
  • Très grande capacité de stockage de configurations produits.
  • Conception compacte conforme aux exigences cGMP (BPF). Facile à nettoyer et à intégrer sur tout type de machine.
  • Langues: Anglais, Espagnol, Français, Allemand, Italien, Russe, Portugais, Coréen, Polonais. Autres disponibles sur demande.

Défauts détectés dans des blisters:


Pinhole detector

LIXIS MH systems are designed to automatically detect pinholes and pores on Alu-Alu blister packs produced during foil cold forming, which are usually invisible to human eye.

  • System based on highly sensitive detection of infrared radiation.
  • Detects 25 micron (0.001 inch) pinholes.
  • Inspects multiple independent areas on foil.

Technical data:
Minimum size detection:

  • 25 micron (circular pore diameter or equivalent area).


  • Digital sensitivity control.
  • Fissure or Pinhole detection.
  • System OK (READY).
  • Machine Stop.

Emission Type:

  • Infrared with wavelength peak 875nm.
  • Multiple inspection areas depending on foil width.

Power Supply:

  • 24VDC, 1 A Stabilized power supply (ripple<0.1v).


  • Width: 51mm (2”).
  • Length: Available on several sizes according to foil width.


  • cGMP compliant heavy duty anodized aluminium construction.
  • Ready for FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance, requires connection to external controller.

Operation conditions

  • 0 – 50 ºC, maximum relative humidity 95%.


  • User guide, installation and maintenance manual. Validation documents available optionally.

Bar code control

LIXIS CodePro offers reliability and accuracy for 1D and 2D barcode inspection:

  • Designed for installation on cartoners, leaflet folders, labeling machines, blistering machines, carton codifiers, and tube fillers among others.
  • Wide range of 1D and 2D pharmaceutical barcode verification such as: PharmaCode, EAN, Datamatrix, 128 Barcode, 93 Barcode, 39 Barcode and RSS.
  • Allows connection for up to 4 simultaneous readers.

Technical data:
Operational aids:

  • Step by Step new product setup wizard.
  • On-screen system documentation.
  • LIXIS® Virtual Voice Assist Guide.


  • Industrial Processor unit.
  • 7" Color TFT LCD with Touchscreen.
  • Industrial PLC included.
  • Fingerprint scanning sensor for biometric user id validation.


  • Up to 4 simultaneous readers.
  • Barcode Scanner / CCD readers.


  • Detailed exportable production reports with batch statistics for subsequent analysis.


  • English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian and French. Others available under request.


  • USB connection for production reports exportation.
  • Ethernet connection for remote support.


  • LIXIS® Software for 1D and 2D barcode verification.
  • Compliance with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11.


  • Stainless Steel housing.
  • Designed under cGMP regulations.

Print control

LIXIS PVS system offers reliability, accuracy and high speed for a wide variety of inspection requirements throughout packaging processes. It is capable of checking printing quality and performing code and character verification on most surfaces.

  • Character Recognition (OCV/OCR).
  • Print Verification: Useful for company logos or material artwork.
  • Code Verification: 1D Codes inspection (Pharmacode, EAN, others), 2D Codes inspection (Datamatrix).

Technical data:

  • Digital Industrial Camera with adjustable image acquisition parameters stored with each product program.
  • Illumination device based on high-performance industrial white LEDs with incorporated heatsink.
  • Industrial Processing Unit based with USB connection for statistics report exportation.
  • 15" Color Touch Screen LCD Industrial Monitor.
  • IQ / OQ / PQ Validation protocols documentation.
  • Industrial PLC included for system fail-safe operation and direct rejection devices activation. Shift register embedded for units rejection control and machine stops.
  • Step by step new product configuration wizard aided by LIXIS Virtual Assistant® Voice Guide.
  • Easy to integrate onto any kind of intermittent or continuous motion packaging machines, up to 800 or more images per minute, depending on product features and scope of each project.
  • Practically unlimited product program storage capacity. Pattern and character set also stored together with product program.
  • Detailed exportable production statistics report and last defective images stored in system for process analysis.

Carton serialzation – PVS-T

Compact module for carton serialization for Track and Trace applications. Modular unit which integrates printer and inspection camera on an independent conveyor belt.

  • Suitable for integration online or as manual feeding independent module.
  • Suitable to control information commonly printed in secondary packing (cartons): Datamatrix, GTIN, Serial Number, Batch Number, Expiry Date and Manufacture Date.
  • Capable to control the correct printing of variable data, the recognition of characters (OCR) and Datamatrix quality according to ISO 15415, by means of artificial vision.
  • Printer commands and discard system.

Aggregation control – PVS-M

Module for End of Lines Track and Trace control. Designed for matching the Datamatrix code printed on cartons with pack label (bundle of shipping case).

  • Performs simultaneous reading of the cartons in a bundle or shipping case through a single image or, in special cases, by sequential reading on the machine.
  • Able to generate the Pack Label updating the database and assigning the pack for each code.
  • Detects and inform about the presence of nonconforming products that do not satisfy the print quality requirements and/or with wrong codes printed.

Track and trace implementation in pharmaceutical packaging lines


Applications in packaging lines:

  • Datamatrix + Alphanumeric Serialization of primary or secondary packaging in high-speed lines (400 ppm).
  • Identification of bundles, packs, shipping boxes and pallets with unique serial numbers for establishing parent-child relationship.
  • Integration with existing or new hardware and machinery.
  • The well-known Lixis super-simple, voice-guided operator interfaces yields faster set-up times.
  • Solutions for automated or manual lines.

Hardware solutions for Track and trace Automation in Packaging Lines.

Carton serialization:

  • Stand alone equipment for in-line or out-of-line operation.
  • Direct carton printing: Datamatrix, GTIN, Serial Number, Batch, Expiration Date, Manufacture Date.
  • Datamatrix quality grading according to ISO 15415 and OCV/OCR of alphanumeric charaters.
  • Rejection control of non-compliant units.

Aggregation in pack, boxes, and pallet control:

  • Simultaneous or Sequential reading of unit codes within a pack or shipping box.
  • Printing and applying of unique label for bundles.
  • Rejecting or alerting on missing codes or erroneous events.

Software Solutions:

  • Software solutions to generate new serial numbers and management of serialized lots at Pharmaceutical Laboratories.
  • Parent -child relationship through real time connection with the production line equipment (Level 2) at unit, pack or shipping box, and pallet level.
  • Functionalities specially designed for the industry: samples withdrawal, quarantined lots, interaction with health authorities, etc.
  • Specific development of interfaces to exchange data with commercial ERP or specific customers (Level 3)
  • Application enabling tracking throughout the supply chain: wholesalers, distributors, logistic operators, hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Compliance with FDA 21CFR Part 11: electronic signature by biometric identification and encrypted audit trails.