We are an Argentine engineering company devoted to the development and manufacturing of quality control equipment to track the packaging process of pharmaceutical product s and automation line equipment for Traceability of medicines.

Since 2001, at our plant in Martínez, Buenos Aires, we have developed, manufactured and commercialized equipment tailored to meet our customer needs, complying with the highest standards in this industry.

We are a team of engineers and technicians specialized in the pharmaceutical industry, committed to providing the best service and thus reassure our customers.


Years of smart solutions in pharmaceutical packaging lines.


Focused on solutions for production lines.


Installed equipment.


Equipment installed around the world, attending more than fifty countries.


We associate with leaders providers in manufacture of machines.


International sales and post-sales network covering more than 15 countries.


  • Strengthen the company’s growth in order to consolidate our leadership in Latin America and further our relationship with laboratories all over the world.
  • Continue to be committed with the industry, enhancing our performance day by day in the human, technological and professional aspects.
  • Reinvest in permanent technological development in terms of packing care for pharmaceutical products.
  • Be a benchmark in traceability systems implementation, guiding our customers throughout the change of paradigm this entails.


We are a team working responsibly and with a vocation for providing our customers with the security of knowing that their pharmaceutical production is guarded, codified and controlled with cutting edge technology, to guarantee its quality and protect their patients’ health. We develop traceability automation and control equipment meeting the highest standards in the pharmaceutical industry as well as constantly providing efficient technical support.

We are at your disposal if you need support.